Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ritual De Amor - Now available on iTunes

Ritual De Amor - Now available in digital music stores!
Ready to captivate the crowd with his voice and charisma,Ender Thomas releases his first album next month.And before releasing the album,he gives us a peek at his music,releasing the single Ritual De Amor  this month on the 29th of march.
In this song as well as in the other 12 songs of the album, Ender reflects his distinct style and talent that led him to be a part of the successful producion"Voices" of the greek musician Yanni.
"It's a melody full of magic and mysticism,harmonized by an instrumentation that only the maestro Yanni can realize" commented Ender.
The new album "Ender Thomas" will be a co-production of CdA Group, G-89 Music and Yanni-Wake Entertainment will be available on 19th of april in all the digital stores.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ender Thomas in Estrellas de Carnaval Miami

Sunday march 13th, Ender Thomas participated in the festival of La calle 8, .Along with other latin artists like Jochy,Don Dinero and Frankie Nagron,ending  the celebration of  the Miami Carnaval,that's considered the biggest in the hispanic market in the United states.
Ender performed 3 amazing songs;Ritual de amor,Puerto Cabello te quiero and Este amor  from his new CD,that will be released on april 19th.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ender Thomas Rocking Puerto Cabello

March 7th in Bartolome Salom International Airport, Puerto Cabello,Venezuela,
Ender Thomas enchanted over 100.000 persons,who were present at the Carnaval Internacional de Puerto Cabello.
He's back again rocking the stage in his hometown.starting with his new single Ritual de amor ,follwoed by Bajo el cielo de noviembre,and revealing 2 amazing songs of his new CD;Como debe ser and Este amor
Last but not least he sang his beautiful song Puerto Cabello te quiero,written and composed by him to his hometown,that the audience never stopped singing it along with him!
The show was transmitted by La967fm  Radio,and even though there was no video transmission,it didn't stop us from feeling the passion and the heat that were on that stage!!

Puerto Cabello Te Quiero

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 Ender Thomas - Puerto Cabello - Carnaval 2011 by Ginger Izzo