Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ender Thomas on Radio la radio

Wednesday 16th of february,Ender was guest in 2 programs in RadioLaRadio in miami,La dolce vita & La cafetera,where he announced the release date of his new CD;april 19th,and talked about his projects,including a portuguese version of  his single "Ritual de amor".

Audio Of  The Interview

Thanks a million to @GingerIzzo & @klaukyandi

Video Link
The camera was on,only for the last 38 minutes of the interview.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Puerto Cabello Te Quiero (the video)

Finally the official video of Puerto Cabello te Quiero
Awesome video,great work,done with so much love from Ender Thomas to his hometown and from all  porteños to their beloved Puerto Cabello.
A video perfectly reflecting the warmth and the joy of a song that was made with true love and devotion.

Puerto Cabello Te Quiero


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puerto Cabello Te Quiero

Puerto Cabello..Te Quiero

Puerto Cabello Te Quiero is a beautiful song that Ender composed and wrote its lyrics to his beautiful city Puerto Cabello,as a symbol for his eternal love and loyalty to his hometown.
The song touched everyone who listened to it,because it's done from the heart with true love and devotion,that it reached our hearts from the first time we listened to it and  made us all feel PORTEÑOS!
Listening to it made us enjoy the beauty of Puerto Cabello,smell its air,love its people,he made us walk along with him in these beautiful places with so much happiness and pride,the same happiness and pride he feels and that he transmitted in the most honest and sincere way in very simple yet deepest words ever!!

Knowing that there's gonna be a video clip for this beautiful song,made everybody so excited,waiting for any info,pictures,news!!And each time an article or a picture were released,it made us more and more excited and eager to watch the result of this amazing work in which you feel that all porteños contributed as one big big heart!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ender's Discography (4)

El Principe De La Paz

El principe de la paz was released in Christmas 2010.
A song about the story of birth of  baby Jesus and Christmas that Ender wrote its music & lyric.It was released in 3 versions;spanish,portuguese and english. 

Me Fascinas
A duet by Ender Thomas and Albita,recorded with A.B Quintanilla's.
It was released in july 2010, in his album La Vida De Un Genio.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ender's Discography (3) Yanni Voices - Bajo El Cielo De Noviembre

Bajo el cielo de noviembre (Under November Sky) is one of the songs that Ender recorded with Yanni.
I thought of putting it in a separate post, because it's a very special song,that Ender wrote its lyrics inspired by a personal experience.
It's a very touching story..And there's nothing better than hearing it in Ender's own words..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ender's Discography (2) Yanni Voices

Ender met Yanni through Luis Enrique and Cesar Lemos who was working with Yanni and producer Ric Wake on Yanni's project Yanni Voices,and they were searching for a latin singer for the spanish songs.
 "We were looking for a latin singer for a long time,the first time i heard ender sing,he was our guy,no question." says Ric Wake.

Yanni:"What impressed me the most about Ender at the very first time i heard him was his flexibility ,an enormous range in his voice, you could tell there is depth in this man. I think his voice is magical..a world voice ,i dont see him as a latino singer,i see him as a great singer"
"Ender was born to sing..he's just one with the music..he becomes one with his voice..his whole being goes right here."
During the Yanni Voices tour, they performed in U.S.A and Mexico presenting  more than 80 shows,and hitting the top of the charts with the release of the album and the DVD.

Ritual De Amor

This song was the first one Ender recorded on the very first day he met Yanni..
Ender said Yanni asked him if he felt  like singing that day,and if he can sing now,he went straight to the vocal booth and they recorded Ritual de amor.
"The first song i got the opportunity to work with yanni was of his signature songs..when i  first heard the song and what they did to it and the's a very very sexy songs." 

En Silencio

En silencio is a very special song :
"that song ,it gives you that sense of loneliness but at the same time it leaves that powerful feeling of a huge love" says Ender.
Yanni about Ender singing Whispers in the dark/En silencio :"He captured the essence of the piece.he felt it,he lived it, and he delivers a performance of a lifetime."

Más allá

This song  is composed & written by  Fernando Osorio & Ender Thomas..
Ender says that this song means so much to him :"This song is about love and how strong it can be..and that love isn't only a kiss or a goes much further than is in everything we do,see,touch and feel!"

Mi Todo Eres Tu & Quedate Conmigo 

Ender performed these 2 songs with Chloe Lowery,forming a great artistic duet.
Chloe:"when i first met Ender,we actually really clicked,because we're so much alike.He's such a great singer,his range is phenomenal,i just love singing with him."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ender's Discography (1)

In 1998 Ender (Eddie Thomas) participated in the album Dimensión Latina 98  with the famous venezuelan salsa band Dimensión Latina,celebrating their 25th anniversary, and he achieved a huge success with the single Amor Perdóname.

1- Amor perdóname. : Eddie Thomas
2- No te prometi ser fiel. : Tito Angel "Angelito"
3- Lo que siento por ti. : Rey Ruiz
4- Por ti llorare. : Andy Montañez
5- Ahora te das cuenta. : Michael María
6- Me arrepiento. : Eddie Thomas
7- El rey de los tambores : Andy Montañez
8- Te amo en silencio. : Eddie Thomas
9- No se olvida. : Eddie Thomas
10- 25 años. : Todos

In 1999 and after his participation with Dimensión Latina,
Ender released a solo album called: El Amor De Tu Vida.

01 . Solo Mia
02 . Polos Opuestos
03 . Sencillamente Bella
04 . El Amor De Tu Vida
05 . Lloro Pro Ti
06 . Como Ayer, Como Hoy
07 . Angel Caido
08 . Voy A Conquistar Tu Amor
09 . El Amor De Tu Vida