Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ender Thomas

Ender Thomas, is a Venezuelan singer and songwriter. He was born on january,12 in Puerto Cabello.He grew up in a musical family,since his mom was a singer and gave him the passion for music,and encouraged him to step into the music world. He began his career as a professional singer when he was 14 years old,singing in Tv commercials. At 17 years old he formed a rock and roll band,and later he worked as a host of a Tv program called "El super club de los tigritos" on Venevision network.Few years later,he won a scholarship to the Berklee College of music in Boston ,while he was back home to get some papers done,he joined Dimension Latina;one of the most famous salsa music bands in Venezuela.
In 2000 he moved to Miami and continued his musical career, participating as a backing vocalist to many famous latin singers like Alejandro Sanz and Ricardo Arjona and it was through Ricardo Arjona that Ender met César Lemos;famous brazilian music producer,who presented him to Yanni and producer Ric Wake who were searching for a latin singer for Yanni's new project Yanni Voices. And he was a featured vocalist among 3 other singers during the 2009 tour for Yanni Voices.